Teen Drivers: Cheap Auto Insurance in Texas

The thought of your kids starting to drive has haunted you for a variety of reasons. While your main concern is their safety on the road, you also have some trepidation about how their car insurance rate is going to affect the price that you pay. Even if you are requiring your kids to pay for their own insurance, you still want to help them keep the costs down so that they can save for other expenses.

Bundled Policies

Asking your teenagers to take out their own policies is probably tempting, especially when you want to teach them financial responsibility. However, that isn’t usually the road to cheap auto insurance in Texas. The more vehicles you have on one policy, the lower the cost usually is per vehicle. While you are looking into these bundled policies, find out about adding your house and other vehicles, such as boats or motorcycles, onto it for an even lower rate.

Student Discounts

When speaking with representatives from TexasQuotes.com, find out if discounts are available to students at certain institutions. Employees at colleges and universities are often entitled to discounts based on their affiliations, so your children might be as well. You can inquire about plans that are meant to help alleviate the cost of insurance too. Another way to procure cheap auto insurance in Texas for your children is to ask about rewards for good grades. Many insurance companies will actually reduce the rate for insurance if your kids can provide proof that they have high grades in their classes. The required grade point average or letter grade will likely vary by company.

Defensive Driving Courses

Your kids are already used to taking classes, whether for high school or for college, and you can encourage them to fit another one into their schedule. Generally, insurance companies allow for a discount if you complete a defense driving class. As you are researching information about how your kids can take it, consider enrolling yourself and other family members on your policy too. The more people who take the class, the more you are likely to see your insurance rate plummet. Some of the classes are offered on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about making room in a schedule that is already packed to its capacity.

Good Driving Records

Insurance for younger drivers is often higher because they tend to have involvement in more accidents than older drivers. Cheap auto insurance in Texas is still possible, but your kids may need to prove that they are good drivers before they can obtain it. While you are researching the options, find out if your car insurance company provides a discount for good drivers. You should also ask how long it takes and how the records are assessed. Some companies have started providing a device that you can place in your car, and this device tracks how well you are driving.

Encourage the Family

When you want to obtain lower rates for insurance, it’s not just about getting your teenagers’ rates down to the lowest point possible. You should also look into steps that the rest of your family can take. If you don’t, you may find that your teenagers end up with lower rates than you have. Since you are exploring the options for discounts anyway, take the time to find out what you can do to ensure lower insurance rates for your entire family.

Having teenager drivers comes with some new responsibilities for both them and you. However, these responsibilities do not have to cost you hefty sums of money each month.